Positive impact & responsible travel

Your stay at the Mara Bush Houses not only immerses you in a unique safari experience. It will also make a genuine impact. Asilia plays a leading role in setting up effective area management, supporting conservation projects and contributing to a better future for local Kenyans.

Asilia has implemented a US$5 per person per night conservation charge as we want to continue to expand on our conservation and development efforts in the areas that we are committed to. Especially in these times of lower demand for (East-)Africa, conservation efforts and crucial wildlife areas run the risk of collapsing under low occupancies and heavy discounts. Whilst we will continue to discount where necessary, we wish to safeguard our necessary investments in conservation and the management / development of the areas.
Positive ImpactOur goal as Asilia is to be a role model in sustainable tourism. At the heart of our organisation is the conviction that world-class travel can go hand in hand with improving livelihoods and conservation of nature. We strive to create a lasting, positive impact everywhere we operate. We believe in better.

Any sustainable contribution must ultimately begin with oneself. This means we buy locally where possible. It means we reduce our footprint by limiting fossil fuel and use sustainable energy sources such as the sun, recycling water and reducing waste. The remainder of our carbon footprint is offset by supporting local forest projects. 
Asilia is proud to be the first travel company in Africa to achieve the highest 5 star GIIRS rating and B-Corporation status. And yet, we trust we do even more. By being creative and developing new models for travel we try to further increase benefits for nature and local people. The Mara Bush Houses showcase this collaborative approach.

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Our approach in this area

ApproachSituated within the 70,000 acre Mara North Conservancy, the Mara Bush Houses work with  11 tourism partners’ camps to combine travel and community development.

The conservancy fees provide the Maasai community with a sustainable livelihood and ensure the conservation of the wildlife in this vital corridor of the Masai Mara ecosystem. In addition to the conservancy’s role in conservation it also provides steady and sustainable employment leading to an improved standard of living for the community as a whole. Furthermore it offers additional benefits like health care, clean energy and empowerment of the local people through education and skills training.

Looking further into the future, Asilia is one of the driving forces behind the initiative towards the formation of an umbrella organisation. By linking all Mara Conservancies, the prospects for this crucial cultural and natural area will greatly improve.


How we choose our projects

Bringing together a community that believes in better, we aim to involve people and institutions with a deeper interest in Africa and achieving a shared vision for the areas we operate in.
Communities & education
Communities & education
We strive to improve livelihoods and economic opportunities of local communities in various ways. Ultimately, contributing to successful, conservation-based economies. ... Read More
Wildlife Conservation
Wildlife Conservation
From migratory birds to iconic African cats and endangered rhinos, critical species are being threatened by increasing pressures such as population growth, industrialization, insufficient management, improper protection, global climate change and more.... Read More
Habitat Restoration
Habitat Restoration
From coral reefs to vast African savannahs, we work to protect the lands and waters that people, animals and plants need to survive — now and in the future. ... Read More
Outreach & Research
Outreach & Research
Research and awareness strongly contribute to better prospects for the natural world and the livelihoods of individuals that depend on it. ... Read More

How you can support the Greater Mara

Join us in supporting projects that are making a real and measurable difference on the ground in Africa.

Our camp projects & how you can support them