For three generations the Beaton and Looseyia families have worked in partnership to develop one of the most genuine cultural safari experiences in Africa. Guided by some of the very best safari guides in Africa, guests have the freedom to safari on their own terms and choose from a wide range of activities including walking, day or night game drives, bush picnics or sundowners, visits to local villages, schools and trading centres. Or simply relax at the house watching the game come to the waterhole or the wildebeest migration passing by.

The Maasai Mara needs little introduction as one of the world’s finest wildlife theatres. Fed by two large rivers, the Talek and the Mara this region is not just the stage for the most concentrated wildebeest migration action but also home to some of the greatest volumes of plains game and predators in the continent. Every year it hosts what is now recognised as the greatest show on earth, 'the migration' which takes place between July and October. Over a million wildebeest and two hundred thousand zebra pass through on their endless journey, following the rains and in search of grass. Here you are able to witness the migrations spectacular river crossings and the frenzy of predator activity.

The unique positioning of the private homes allows our guests to access both east and west of this extraordinary safari destination. This means that outside of migration season, which is often the best, you are unhindered by game reserve rules preventing movement at certain times. You will be unfettered by lack of experience for we have carefully positioned the houses in locations that allow for excellent night and day viewing learned over many generations.

While many of the visitors visit this region to experience the well-known animals, our guides are often able to unlock the world of some of the more rare species such as the caracal, wild dog and rhino. Back at your private houses three decades of careful conservation in our sections of the Mara has meant that many of the ‘most wanted’ are regular visitors to our very own lawn for our guests to enjoy.


Bush Kids Welcome

The very fabric of our lives here comes from our time as kids on these open plains. It is perhaps one of the finest family playgrounds we can imagine. It is a chance to play and learn in a seamless and magical way but more than that it is an environment where adult and child can become one when all the complications of normal life are removed.

All three safari houses are well placed to deal with younger members, who are welcome from all ages. Mara and Acacia both share a swimming pool (and a baby pool) and offer plenty of safe space for children to play. These two houses are just two minutes walk from a small schoolroom.

Our younger guests are welcome to spend as little or as much supervised time in the toy filled school room as they want allowing them some fun while the parents take a break before game driving, swimming and relaxing as a family later in the day. Over at Topi House there is no pool or schoolroom but as with the other houses it has plenty of resources and space for the younger ones to feel at home and to enjoy the space of this wilderness safely.

The guides Jackson, Salaash, Fred and Dickson are experienced family men. They have raised their own kids here on these plains and over the years have shown many children the magic of this very fine wilderness. It is for us about making our world theirs and making the safari holiday just as much a child’s as a parent’s.

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Family Safaris

Let the fun and games begin! Your Mara bush house is a private family hideaway in the wild wilderness of East Africa. There are 3 bush houses waiting to welcome you. Acacia, Mara and Topi. Each house is fully catered and you can come and go as you please in your own private game-viewing vehicle with your bush guide who knows everything about wildlife, bugs, birds and the stars on high. He will fascinate the kids with bush-wise facts, games, local customs and magical tales of life in the wilderness.


Maasai Culture

The culture of the natural guardians of this land is both complex and fascinating. There are few that would deny they are one of the best-known tribes in Africa and it is with good reason that does not purely stem from the game rich plains they roam. The concept of encouraging our guests to experience this wilderness and its people on their own terms very much extends to exploring the world beyond the animals and the scenery. Time spent with your guide and his community is often the most rewarding aspect of a visit to this world and we believe it is the best way to take as much or as little from their culture as you would like.

We visit only villages, communities and trading centers that are part of our team’s home life. The results are that you are well received and made to feel very welcome as you explore this extraordinary culture and they get to know a little about you.

In 2009 the judges of the prestigious Responsible Tourism Awards recognised the on-going achievements in this complex arena. We welcome all our visitors to explore our work and to get involved as much as possible with our vision of protecting and enhancing this very ancient and magical people.


Our Guides

When you come on safari with us, the guides of the Mara Bush Houses will share with you our world. We will walk safely escorted by an armed ranger and we will teach you to touch the earth, soil, leaves and flowers. We will smell the herbs, eat wild fruits and sometimes just sit on a rock.

We will track together and show you how we live with wild animals and together we can learn the sounds of birds and the messages they give us. Sometimes we can say nothing and let the air, wind, and silence do the talking.

We will guide you to the big game in an adapted 4X4 and get close without disturbing them. We can stay with a pride of Lion as the cubs play with each other or with a herd of Elephants. There is no hurry to see the next animal for it is great to see the wise mama teaching her family, leading them to water holes, wallow in the mud and see the calf’s try to drink through the mouth for the first time. We will try together to look for Africa’s most endangered species such as Wild Dogs and Cheetah and we will also not forget the Colobus monkey and Zorillas.

Our home here is warm, the water hole is busy with game, but it is also very calm. So please do come and so we can share things together and as we say here in Masai land, “Take a seed to plant in your shamba (garden) and will take some from you to plant in ours”.

Jackson Looseyia


Our Food

With our small team of chefs we have worked hard over the years to overcome limitations that our remote location used to put on our ability and ambition to serve some of the best farmhouse cooking in east Africa.

Partly through many years of practise but mainly through harnessing the perfect balance of best of what is around us and the finest ingredients from across the country we have been able to offer a very unique culinary experience. It is one that is designed to give you all the home comforts you might expect but mixed subtly with the very fine elements that Kenya and the Mara can offer. The herbs we grow here, spices from the coast and organic meats from some of the finest farms in Africa. Being located so far from a shop we make much of it ourselves; the bread, the cookies, the ice cream (for our many younger guests!) and many other treats are created here in our kitchens.

The combination we hope is a reflection of the setting, here in the Mara, and is adaptable and changeable as it would be in your own home. It leaves you only with the choice of where you want to enjoy it and we are happy to help with that too.

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